Understand the Concept of Money Lender

Money lender is a rich person or a group who offers some money to a person or an organization as personal load at very high rate of interest. Person or group, who is lending money, has to return it to that money lender within give time period along with interest. This is the real concept of money lending system.


Money lender is generally a person or a group whose main aim or business is to lend some money to those who some requires money. Some of them, offers money unofficially and some of them have license of government. But both are same, purpose of both type of person is same.

Generally illegal money lender offers you money at very high rate of interest and they will always lend you money in cash only at their home or unknown place. So always try to avoid illegal or unofficial money lender because if you are not able to return money within give time period then they increase the rate of interest and at time will come you cannot pay their money in your life.

Official or authorized money lender is good, if you require some money because they work under some terms and conditions which are given by either government or laws. They take less rate of interest and if you are not able to pay their money in time then these official money lender can increase time period if you have proper reason.

I think now you have understood the basic concept of money lender. One more point, I want to cover that if you want to take some money from money lender then first read their terms and conditions. So that you can avoid any trouble regarding that money and can make good relation with money lender.